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2018 industrial transformation and upgrading funds to support 13 key tasks of special glass fiber in the column

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a Circular on the Issue of the Guidelines for the Projects of Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Funds (Sectoral Budget) for 2018. The Circular pointed out that around the goal of building a strong manufacturing country, it mainly supports the capacity-building of manufacturing innovation centers, the promotion of industrial chain synergy, industrial common service platform and the first batch of new materials. There are 13 key tasks in 4 aspects of insurance.

In terms of capacity building of manufacturing innovation centers, we will support the development of innovative capabilities in the areas of integrated circuits, smart sensors, lightweight materials, forming technology and equipment, digital design and manufacturing, graphene and other fields, such as testing and validation of manufacturing innovation centers, pilot-scale incubation and industry support services. To realize the diffusion and first commercial application of key common technologies in related fields, and to incubate a number of high-tech enterprises with the ability to serve the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain.

Industrialized manufacturing requirements of high performance polymethacrylimide foam materials for lightweight traffic equipment have been set up. A production line with an annual capacity of 1500 tons of PMI has been built to form a matching technology between the molding process of sandwich composite materials for lightweight traffic equipment and the properties of PMI foam products. The strength, modulus, temperature resistance of the products at the same density have been developed. The main properties such as density difference between batches reach the level of international similar products, and realize the installation application.

In the industrialization of special glass fiber fine fabrics for aerospace use, we should upgrade the common technology and industrialization level of glass fiber, promote the upgrading of special glass fiber products and technological progress of related industries, form a new production line of special glass fiber fine fabrics with an annual output of 3 million square meters, and realize the general and civilian use of special glass fiber. The extensive application of aviation composites.

In the aspect of new material production and application demonstration platform, it realizes the cooperation of material and terminal product synchronous design, system validation, batch application and so on. In 2018, we will focus on building three or so platforms in the fields of new energy automotive materials, advanced marine and high-tech ship materials, and integrated circuit materials.

National New Material Industry Resource Sharing Platform: By 2020, focusing on advanced basic materials, key strategic materials and frontier new materials and other key areas of the new material industry chain and key links, a multi-party, public-oriented, efficient and integrated new material industry resource sharing service ecosystem will be basically formed. We have initially built a vertical and specialized network platform with high degree of open and sharing of resources, controllable level of security, and operational service capability, as well as a strong support, service coordination, efficient off-line infrastructure and capacity conditions. Establish a new material industry resource sharing portal network technology integration, business integration and data fusion.

Post time: Sep-17-2018

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